Data Protection Compliance
Compliance with Law No 58/2021
The date for compliance with Law No 58/2021 is fast approaching, it is important that organisations take immediate action to ensure compliance is achieved!
Many organisations are likely to find meeting the requirements of the Law a challenge. To help we have developed a tried and tested regulatory compliance approach that will make the journey much easier.
Our Approach to Compliance
Our approach to the regulatory compliance journey typically starts with our consultants helping you to shape and define a data protection strategy for your organisation – one that would be aligned to your organisations strategic goals and objectives.

This is followed by a Law No58 Readiness Assessment - a gap analysis and health check that provides your organisation with a view of its current practices against the obligations of LAW No 58/2021. These outcomes provides the basis on which your organisation can plan to achieve compliance.

The results of the assessment can be used to form the basis of a remedial plan which include the delivery of a target operating model – a detailed compliance framework which when implemented would deliver compliance with Law No 58/2021 and any other applicable regulation such as the EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) by October 2023.

To operationalise data protection and robust information security, we help implement robust privacy and security controls and measures to mitigate and eliminate the identified data protection gaps and risks and move the organisation towards compliance of the applicable law.
Benefits of compliance:
Did you know that using an operation model for compliance will provide the following benefits?

Brings Clarity

Clearly defined governance structure, roles and responsibilities of the DPO and other stakeholders and how they work together to achieve compliance for the organisation. Reduces confusion and helps with decision making

Better Coordination

Operating model fosters better collaboration between all stakeholders involved in the delivery of compliance and helps the organisation to tackle compliance obligations together rather than working in silos

Better Understanding

With an operating model, everyone has a better understanding of the role and responsibilities of the Data Protection Officer - as well as their role and that of their colleagues in helping the organisation to comply

Practical Approach

Delivers a practical approach that helps the organisation to achieve its compliance goals. The model will help the organization carry out its compliance obligations in a more structured and reliable manner

Improved Monitoring

Makes it easier to track progress with the Law and to report to all applicable stakeholders, including the board

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