Data Protection Officer (DPO) as a Service
An Outsourced DPO Service
Our Data Protection Officer (DPO) as a Service (DPOAAS) helps you to get on top of the compliance journey with Law No58/2021 by outsourcing your data protection compliance challenges to a collaborative team that includes certified data protection experts – while you get on with your business!
Why Outsource Your Data Protection Officer?
According to the Law a DPO doesn’t have to be a full-time role. However, it does require specialist data protection expertise and knowledge which is difficult to come by in an emerging industry.
Having access to an experienced and knowledgeable outsourced DPO is a cost-effective solution for improving data protection and information security compliance with data protection laws, such as Law No 58/2021 and significantly reduces risks associated with compliance.

Failing to achieve your compliance obligations and to protect personal data of individuals can lead to:


Significant financial penalties from the supervisory authority, the NCSA



Reputational Damage

Reputational damage to your organisation


Loss of customers and employee attrition

Other Benefits Includes:

Qualified Practioners

Have immediate access to a team of certified Data Protection and Cybersecurity practitioners who would support you on your compliance journey


Hands-on support with data breaches or emergencies

Reduce Cost

Outsourcing is a cost effective solution that saves on recruitment and implementation costs

How can our DPO As a Service help you?
A dedicated DPO is appointed to monitor internal compliance, inform on data protection obligations and act as a contact point for the supervisory authority and data subjects. The responsibilities of a DPO may include:
This is dependent on the DPO package you choose.
Frequently asked DPO Questions:

Any organisation (public or private), legal entity or person that processes the personal data of people located in Rwanda must comply with the Law.

Does my organisation process personal data?

“Processing” is a broad term that covers just about anything you can do with data. These include: collection, use, storage, transmission, adaptation and alteration, analysis, disclosure by transmission, erasure, etc.

“Personal data” is any information that relates to a person, such as names, email addresses, an identification number, location data, IP addresses, eye colour, political affiliation, medical records, and so on.

Law No58/2021 mandates that you must appoint a DPO if you are a public, private body or legal entity (Courts are exempted). You also require one if you carry out certain types of processing activities such as regular and systematic monitoring of individuals, or large-scale processing of sensitive data.

Apart from being a cost effective and efficient solution, the Law also mandates that the data protection officer is designated on the basis of professional qualities, expert knowledge of personal data protection, practices and the ability to fulfil the tasks assigned to him or her.

The personal data protection officer may be a permanent staff member of the data controller or the data processor, or a person who fulfils the tasks on the basis of a service contract.

Most organisations in Rwanda would not have access to the type of professional expertise required to succeed in the role, hence why outsourcing is a great idea.

There is quite a lot for the DPO to do, it includes

  • To inform and advise the person, the organisation and its employees about their obligations pursuant to the Law on a daily basis
  • To monitor compliance with the Law, provide training and awareness to staff
  • Provide advice regarding data protection impact assessments and responses to data subject access rights
  • to cooperate with the supervisory authority and to act as its contact point

An outsourced DPO is a skilled, highly knowledgeable, cost-effective solution for organisations that require guidance and solution-driven advice on their compliance journey. They also have access to a pool of internationally trained and certified data protection and information security experts. An outsourced DPO ensures you get the expertise you need and avoids any issues around conflict of interest.

The fundamental role of a DPO is to help ensure your organisation’s compliance with data protection laws such as Law No58/2021. So a good DPO can assist you directly with the implementation of an appropriate compliance framework and therefore improve your organisation’s compliance with the Law.

Our outsourced DPO’s are affordable for most of our clients. Our pricing model depends on the complexity of your data landscape and the specific needs of your organisation. However, as a guide we have provided our DPOas-aS packages.

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